Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Social Networking for the Anti-Social

I LOVE social networking! It's like it was invented just for me :) Being an natural extrovert, I love how social networking facilitates my relationships at an exponential level. Writing is also my forte, so this all come easily to me; More importantly, it's FUN and I enjoy it.

Social Networking Gets You Business

Social networking is the ultimate PULL marketing for your business. You put things out there that you think might be interesting, and then your contacts can choose to read and respond to your words, ideas, services, products, questions, etc.

The key to social networking is to keep it professional AND interesting. This does take some practice to get it right. The right mix of humour and info mixed in with your soft sell.
"It isn't about being perfect; it's about being active."
And if you don't get it right today, there's always tomorrow... and the next day, and the next day after that. It isn't about being perfect; it's about being active.

Are you Anti-Social?

What do you do if you are anti-social networking, or so shy that the idea of having your name, thoughts and ideas published for anyone to access is considered full violation to your privacy and life. Or what if you just don't have time. You can see the benefits, but you don't need another task on your plate. Or worse, your ideas are interesting to you... but you've had feedback and it seems that others aren't attracted to your style and/or don't get your humour (hahaha).

Social Networking Solutions for Anti-Social, Shy and "Special" People

By not participating in online social networks, you are missing out on business opportunities. If you own your own business, work for yourself, are a consultant, or have the opportunity to bring in your own clients... you have to get with the social networking phenomena.

Here are two excellent solutions for you. You too can take advantage of using Social Networking for creating business opportunities, without compromising your standards or person.
  1. Outsource it. Create a blog for YOUR COMPANY, not in your own name. Then get your partners, associates and employees, to contribute to the blog. Heck, you could even outsource your blog updates to a virtual assistant in India for super cheap. And then you don't have to worry about continuously having to think up the next article topic.
  2. Create a fake name. You like the idea of managing your own blog, but don't want your real name searchable on the Internet. Create a screen name and be consistent with its use. Many authors and actors use a stage name. This way you don't have to get self-conscience about publishing your writing. No one will know!
Just try it!

Don't let your assumptions about Facebook and Twitter (and other social networks) get in your way of making money. Don't give your competitors a huge online advantage. Stop with the excuses and get YOUR BUSINESS out there!

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